Robins Egg Cakes

About a month or so ago, I was asked if I wanted to teach a cake decorating class on sculpting fondant.  I was flattered but definitely intimidated… so I turned down the offer.  

Today I was working on some cakes and the kiddos wanted to learn some techniques so I let them help with these robins egg cakes. They did some of the speckles, put the flowers on top, and they also learned how to pipe leaves. They went a little long with one of the leaves so we turned it into a vine.  If you look closely, you can even see a little finger print where they snuck a taste of frosting.  

Teaching strangers is out of my comfort zone but teaching my kids is right up my alley!  Maybe decorating classes for kids will be something I offer in the future but for now, we will just keep having fun in the kitchen as a family.  

Hi, my name is Alyssa and I am the small business owner and baker in the Vanilla Blossom kitchen. VBB is a home-based business located in Sandy, Utah. I specialize in buttercream cakes with fondant accents and I'm passionate about creating beautiful works of art for your special events. My goal is to create the cake of your dreams. Thank you for letting me celebrate your happiest moments with you.

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