Ameri-Cone Dream Cupcake Cones

Yesterday I shared my favorite flavor from my Fourth of July cupcake special.  I thought today would be a great time to share the kids favorite and a tutorial.  They loved these cupcake cones. These are such a fun Summer treat- not just for the 4th of July.  They are so easy to make that a kid could do it.   

What you need:

-Your favorite cake recipe.   (I used my chocolate cake recipe, but a box mix will do just fine too).

-Vanilla buttercream

-One box of ice cream cones

-Your choice of sprinkles


What to do:

-Mix up your cake recipe and fill the cones to the line inside. (Where the cone starts to widen)

– Line a muffin tin with aluminum foil and poke holes where the cups will go.  Insert each cone into the holes.  Be careful not to make the holes too large- this is how you will keep them from tipping over.

-Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.  Remove from oven and allow to cool.  (These freeze great!)

-Fill a piping bag up with icing and make a pretty swirl.  Decorate to your hearts content.

That’s it!  I hope you and your kids enjoy making these as much as I did!  Stay tuned for some more Summer goodies.  

Hello, My name is Alyssa and I am the baker in the Vanilla Blossom Kitchen. My goal is to create the cake of your dreams- always made from scratch, using the freshest ingredients. We are a small, home based business, serving the military community. I am passionate about baking and put lots of love into every order. Make sure to keep an eye out for special giveaways for our grand opening!

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