Homemade Banana Bread

Sometimes when you are nice to your baker, she makes you free treats. ♥️

I am going to be very real here for a minute. I was having an off-day today. There was a smash cake that I just couldn’t get right for the life of me. It did not meet my standards at all and I was feeling so disappointed in myself. I sent the customer a picture, offered a refund, and was expecting a negative reaction. Instead, I was shown so much kindness by her. It was truly such a humbling experience and I appreciated her being SO understanding. Everyone has days where things just don’t go to plan, and today was definitely one of those days for me. Kindness goes such a long way, and that is why I felt the urge to make some homemade banana bread for this wonderful client.  

Hi, my name is Alyssa and I am the small business owner and baker in the Vanilla Blossom kitchen. VBB is a home-based business located in Sandy, Utah. I specialize in buttercream cakes with fondant accents and I'm passionate about creating beautiful works of art for your special events. My goal is to create the cake of your dreams. Thank you for letting me celebrate your happiest moments with you.

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