About the Baker

Hi, I am Alyssa and I am the lady who makes all the yummy goodies in the Vanilla Blossom kitchen.  I am 28 years old and I am originally from Sandy, Utah.

meI am a house-wife and a mom to four kiddos (three girls and a boy.) Baking and cake design has always sparked an interest for me in the past, but I kept telling myself it was only a hobby and as lots of mothers do, I put my dreams on the back burner through-out the years and completely devoted myself to my husband and children.

In 2009, I married my husband and we had our first baby girl. I was working full-time at a day care while I went to school to study dental assisting. In 2011, I started working at the dental clinic at Primary Children’s Medical Center as the front office secretary.  I much preferred front office work and the business side rather than the clinical side.

In 2012, my husband joined the Army, I became a stay-at-home mom and we moved to Germany.  While we were across the pond, that baking spark was STILL there, so I chose to go back to school to study Professional Cooking and Catering.

Shortly after I finished my schooling, the military moved us again to Fort Hood, TX.  During my time there, I started volunteering with a non-profit organization making free cakes for military children, spouses, and units located there. Baking for others was such a rewarding experience.  It was making me so happy and helped me battle some pretty severe depression.  I fell completely in love with baking the more I did it.  My skills started to get better, and I couldn’t imagine not baking.

So when my husband got orders to move again,  I knew starting a home based business was the next step for me.  I just had that little voice in my head that wouldn’t go away, saying THIS is what you should be doing.  It was a thought that scared me but it also made me incredibly happy.  Before I knew it, I was setting goals for myself and started taking those steps towards becoming a business.  I started VBB in April, 2017 and got my first official sale in June.  I was only open for a few months before I had to close up while we re-located, but it was a great way to get my feet wet and really get a feel for this type of business.  Those first few months were SO exciting!  Starting up somewhere new might be challenging at first, but I can’t wait to get set up at our new location- wherever that may be!